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Trester Tailor in Rochester, MN

We are available by appointment only.

Please read our website and scheduling page fully before emailing questions.  You'll find that answers to most questions are found right here!

Please note! 


We have moved!  Trester Tailor is now located at 1500 1st Ave NE in

The 1500 Building, right behind the Silver Lake Shopping Center

in Rochester. Please see the Contact section below for full details on where to find us.



This year has already been unprecedentedly busy.  Please plan ahead!  You can schedule 30 days from when you would like to come in.  If you need items for a specific event, the ideal time to some in is 3-4 weeks before the event. For example - if you have an event July 17th, you should check the schedule mid May to book an appointment for mid June so your items are ready mid July.   

Our ability to work in rush jobs (needed in less than our 8 day turn around) will be very limited, as this year is expected again to have a very busy wedding season.

To schedule an appointment to drop off items that require a fitting, or to pick up items in the shop, click here to visit our scheduling page.

To drop off pre-measured items or repairs, or to pick up with no contact and more flexibility using our secure drop box, please email us.


At Trester Tailor, we offer a range of alterations on all types of garments.  On each item we give great attention to detail so it appears as if it hasn't been altered.   Our most common services include:

  • Alterations on men's and women's business and casual clothing

  • Patches and repairs to worn clothing and denim

  • Alterations on bridesmaid's dresses, tux's, and other socialwear

  • Military uniforms and patches

  • Resizing due to weight fluctuation

  • Shortening curtains and other minor interior design projects

  • Replacing and repairing zippers

For zipper repairs - before booking an appointment, please email us a description of the zipper issue, as well as pictures of the inside and outside of the jacket there the zipper is a damaged.  We will give you an estimate prior to booking an appointment so you can decide ahead of time if zipper replacement is worth doing.

We do not work on bridal gowns, nor socialwear garments that have excessive glitter, beading, lace, or corsetry.

Prom dresses require pre-approval before scheduling.  Please email us with pictures and a description of what you would like altered before you proceed to schedule an appointment.

​​Any garments that haven't been laundered since they were last worn must be laundered before bringing them in.  We reserve the right to refuse service if we determine items have not been laundered.

Any new garments should also be laundered before altering to eliminate shrinkage, especially if there is cotton, linen, or rayon in the fiber content. 

Work done on any items that haven't been pre-shrunk cannot be guaranteed.

Polyester garments like bridesmaid's dresses do not need to be dry cleaned beforehand if they are new and have never been worn.

To achieve the most accurate fit, bring any items you plan to wear with your garment.  For instance, to fit hems, bring the shoes you plan to wear; for dresses, bring any undergarments,

or for fitting a suit jacket, bring a dress shirt. 


If you have a garment for a specific event, we will not to start the alterations process more than 3-4 weeks before the event.  If the alterations are completed too far in advance, the garment may have to

re-altered if there is any weight fluctuation.  You can and should schedule up to 30 days in advance from when you would like to come in, but the fitting should not be more than 3-4 weeks from when you need to wear the garment.  Do not wait until you'd like to come in to schedule, we may not have availability!

Our normal turn around time is at minimum 8 days

We request that items are picked up with within two weeks of their completion date. 



Shorten jacket/coat

Blouse/shirt sides

Dress/skirt hem


Military patches

Denim repair

Socialwear dress sides

Socialwear dress hem

Replace zipper

Replace zipper sliders

Plain pants hem

Original “Euro” hem

Lined hem




Suit jacket sides/back

Shorten plain sleeves

Lined sleeves

Sleeves with vent














$3-5 ea.







Services in this list are the most common we perform.  We offer many specialized alterations outside of this list.  Please contact us with any questions about your items.

Trester Tailor in Rochester, MN


Trester tailor in Rochester, MN


A relatively recent transplant to Rochester, tailor Danni Trester got her start while studying at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  In pursuit of a degree in textile and apparel design, she began working with Darlene Shell, the owner of Altered States Alterations, a master tailor with over 35 years in the industry.  After over nine years in Madison, Danni moved back to her hometown of Sheboygan, WI to work and train as a patternmaker at men's shoe company Allen Edmonds.  She then transitioned back into tailoring and is now offering services in the Rochester, MN area. 

Trester Tailor in the 1880's - Sheboygan, WI

The Trester name has a long history in the tailoring industry.  The first Trester's to immigrate to the US from Germany were tailors and master cutters.  In the 1880's, the family opened a clothing shop in the downtown district of Sheboygan, WI.  Danni is proud to carry on the Trester name in the tailoring tradition.  You can view relics of the original Sheboygan business hanging in our shop!

About Danni
The history of Trester Tailor

Adam Trester and Son's tailor shop in Sheboygan, WI, 1880's


Answers to most questions are found right here within our website and scheduling page.  Please read it fully before emailing any questions.  Thanks!

Best way to reach us is through email:


Tel: 507-316-0631


1500 1st Ave NE

Suite 115

Right behind Silver Lake Shopping Center

Rochester, MN 55906

Our shop is located in Suite 115 on the 1st Floor.  Follow the signs towards the elevator, we are the last office on the right by the elevator.  See the video below!

There is ample parking available either right out front or on either side of the building. 






Business Hours:

Mon 10-6, Tue-Thur 9:30-5:30, Fri 9:30-4:30

By appointment only.

Please click here to book a time to pick up and drop off items. 

Email us to arrange to use our secure drop box.

​​We request you do not bring extra people with to your fitting, especially small children.  Our shop is small and there are hot and sharp things.  For everyone's safety and for consideration of other customers who may also be in the shop at the same time, we ask you limit the amount of people you bring in the shop.

Trester Tailor is located on the ground level of the building and is fully wheelchair accessible. 

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