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Want to learn to alter and repair your own clothes?  Soon you can!

​We're hard at work on a video tutorial series called Tailor It Yourself  that can show you how!  In Spring 2020 we'll be launching the first two courses in our series, and continually adding more content throughout the year.  In the first courses you will learn how to:

  • Properly mark pant hems

  • Hem jeans and other casual style pants

  • Hem jeans with an original (Euro) hem

  • Take in the waist on jeans

  • Replace metal button on jeans

  • Repair holes on denim and other fabrics

  • Taper the legs on jeans and other causal style pants

  • Restart a zipper that’s come off

  • Zippers 101

  • Replacing jacket sliders/ repairing a splitting zipper

  • Sew on a button

  • Fuzz/pill removal

  • Fix snags

  • Replace snaps on jackets

  • Sew on a hook and eye

We've also got lots in the works for future courses. 


Topics will include how to alter dress pants, dress shirts, bridesmaid's dresses, suits, skirts, military uniforms and patches, and a whole load of other information! 

Each video lesson will have a downloadable PDF with pictures and written instructions!

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